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April 10-11, 2024

The drug development process is an intricate inter-related process. Only 11% of drugs will make it through the drug development and registration processes to commercialization. This statistic makes it imperative that those working on any aspect of a drug's development understand the process. This two day course will provide an in-depth look at the process. The program will allow simulations of the drug development process so that hands-on experience can be gained. A mixture of large pharma, small pharma and expert panel members will ensure panel discussions are relevant, responsive and applicable to everyday situations that participants face.

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As with any intensive training process, participants should prepare in advance. All participants are given reading assignments that are relevant for their day to day work. All participants are encouraged to avail themselves of the opportunity to discuss their drug development needs with Dr. Speid.  All participants will be asked to complete a detailed questionnaire about their research and/or development experience after registration. 


Exhibitor and Sponsorship Opportunities

Exhibitor and Sponsorship opportunities are available for companies that provide high quality services to the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.  

Please contact Dr. Lorna Speid at lspeid@sndtm.com or

Tel: 858 793 1295 for more information.

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The price per participant (see below) includes Pre-Boot Camp interview discussion about your personal goals in taking the Boot Camp, tuition, and course materials.  It also includes an extensive detailed package of preparatory materials that must be read and studied in advance of the Drug Development Boot Camp®.

Companies wishing to register large numbers of participants or whole Teams are encouraged to do so. If ten people are registered, the eleventh and twelfth persons will be granted a full scholarship (obviously excludes travel expenses, etc.).


The true cost of taking the Drug Development Boot Camp(R) VIRTUAL in 2024 is $5,550. High discounts are given to those who register as early as possible.  The first two early Bird rates have not changed for three to four years. 


$3,500 per participant if paid before 1/31/2023

$3,800 per participant if paid before 4/15/2023

$4,000 per participant if paid before 7/15/2023

$4,500 per participant if paid before 10/15/2023

$5,500 per participant if paid from 10/16/2023


Email Dr. Speid at LSPEID@SNDTM.COM to pay over the telephone using the Square terminal.



Speid and Associates
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Speid and Associates
Additional Informationsee flyerProgram BrochureRegister & PayHotelsSponsors

Drug Development
Boot Camp® VIRTUAL
April 10-11, 2024

Registration cost Includes interview discussion of goals, tuition, Briefing materials, Training sessions and personalized attention based on aspirations, goals and needs.VIRTUAL Reception. 
$ 5,500.00  USD per participant if paid today